Looking for a way to ramp up your marketing? Take a closer look at vehicle wraps – the ultimate in mobile advertising. They’re billboards on wheels. Trains, planes and automobiles have all been wrapped to drive advertising, marketing and branding for companies of all types. Our design team can create custom graphics that not only get you noticed, but also provides a Return On Your Investment.

Design work for vehicle wraps is much different than design work for flat graphics, banners or other standard applications. It's important to know the size and shape of the vehicle and all its nuances. Our team takes precise measurements of each vehicle while taking careful consideration of crucial text and logo placement so your identity is easily viewable to your intended audience.

Our designs combine vibrant graphics and simple text to communicate a client’s message to an audience, while establishing the best balance between them. Once a design concept is chosen, we work with illustrations and photographs to create the final design product. Starting with a template of your vehicle, we then create a 3D design concept. Visualizing your wrap can be obtained before printing even takes place.

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