Although Rock City Wraps was formed in 2011 we have over 15 years expiericence with various projects ranging from standard vehicle wraps to extreme, custom installations.

Fly in or out of The Little Rock National Airport and you will see the fleet of Parking Shuttles we wrapped as well as the wrapped table tops in the food court area (wrapped to promote the airport's "fly-lit.com" web-site launch)

Head downtown and you will surely see the huge Building Wrap on the front of The Clinton Library
(to help promote it's current exhibits)

Dont miss Arkasnas BIGGEST WRAP at over 12,000 square feet we helped Arkansas Children's Hosptial kick off thier 100th Anniversary by wrapping an entire building.

Catch a ride on the CAT Buses (Central Arkansas Transit) & you'll see our work displayed as they drive passengers all around Little Rock.

So you see., We have been here all along, but now the Secrets Out.

So for you next project don't just call any wrap company, Call Rock City Wraps.,

We Wrap... Rock City.

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